[squeak-dev] How to do Cmd-( or Ctrl-( in trunk

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Fri Feb 4 03:15:30 UTC 2022

Hi Marcel,

On Thu, 3 Feb 2022, Marcel Taeumel wrote:

> Hi Tim --
> Enable "Legacy Keyboard shortcuts" and use a US/UK keyboard layout. Then it
> should work.

On macOS, I tested with "Legacy Keyboard shortcuts" both on and off.  No 
difference.  My keyboard layout is US in my system;  is there some place 
inside Squeak to set this also?

(I once wrote a ModifierKeysMorph and posted about it here while trying to 
diagnose issues between image & VM regarding modifier keys on macOS...)

On Windows, I did not try to toggle that preference before posting.  As 
I'll mention below, that does help me use Alt- for this.  Thanks!

(If these legacy keyboard shortcuts, should they be marked as such in the 
built-in help page?)

> > On macOS, I tried toggling the 'legacy keyboard shortcuts' (any
> > documentation on specifics of that one?) but it did not change this.
> Always use the "command" key. Not the "control" key.

Sorry if it wasn't clear that I was testing on both macOS and Windows.  I 
did not attempt to use the Ctrl key on macOS.

> > On Windows, Ctrl-Shift-9 brings up the menu for 'HomeProject' whether
> > Shift is held or not. On macOS, it does not come up while holding shift.
> Ctrl-Shift is broken under Windows at the moment because it swallows the
> uppercase character ( $( ). You must press Alt+Shift+9 to make it work. I just
> tested it and it works.

OK, yes, this works but only while "Legacy keyboard shortcuts" is on, on 

Might be worth updating the Help -> Keyboard shortcuts content...


Enclose the selection in a kind of bracket.  Each is a toggle.
 	(not available on all platforms)
Ctrl-(	Toggle enclosure within parentheses
Cmd-[	Toggle enclosure within brackets
Crtl-{	Toggle enclosure within curly braces
Ctrl-'	Toggle enclosure within double-quotes
Cmd-'	Toggle enclosure within single-quotes

(Maybe also fix the Crtl typo in there too)

> Hmm.... can somebody else test this on macOS? I may be able to do that
> tomorrow. ´

I did test on macOS and Windows before composing the email.

> In the meantime: Can you try the other brackets? {} [] '' "" || <> ... the
> opening bracket adds a level, the closing bracket removes one.

On Windows these seem to work using Alt-

I tested ' on macOS earlier today (if I recall) and it worked... can try 
the rest later.

Are these /all/ legacy now?  So it would be expected that these would only 
work with that preference toggled *on*?


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