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Sat Feb 5 15:18:19 UTC 2022

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of ST80 to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: ST80-mt.275
Author: mt
Time: 5 February 2022, 4:18:17.525491 pm
UUID: be7f7c64-0231-0b49-92d7-fe86a3464e1d
Ancestors: ST80-mt.274

Complements Graphics-mt.473

=============== Diff against ST80-mt.274 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CompositionScanner>>composeLine:fromCharacterIndex:inParagraph: (in category '*ST80-Support') -----
  composeLine: lineIndex fromCharacterIndex: startIndex inParagraph: aParagraph 
  	"Answer an instance of TextLineInterval that represents the next line in the paragraph."
  	| runLength stopCondition |
  	destX := spaceX := leftMargin := aParagraph leftMarginForCompositionForLine: lineIndex.
  	destY := 0.
  	rightMargin := aParagraph rightMarginForComposition.
  	leftMargin >= rightMargin ifTrue: [self error: 'No room between margins to compose'].
  	lastIndex := startIndex.	"scanning sets last index"
  	lineHeight := textStyle lineGrid.  "may be increased by setFont:..."
  	baseline := textStyle baseline.
  	self setStopConditions.	"also sets font"
  	self handleIndentation.
  	runLength := text runLengthFor: startIndex.
  	runStopIndex := (lastIndex := startIndex) + (runLength - 1).
  	line := TextLineInterval
  		start: lastIndex
  		stop: 0
  		internalSpaces: 0
  		paddingWidth: 0.
  	nextIndexAfterLineBreak := spaceCount := 0.
  	lastBreakIsNotASpace := false.
  	[stopCondition := self scanCharactersFrom: lastIndex to: runStopIndex
  		in: text string rightX: rightMargin.
  	"See setStopConditions for stopping conditions for composing."
  	self perform: stopCondition] whileFalse.
  		lineHeight: lineHeight + textStyle leading
+ 		baseline: baseline + textStyle leadingSlice!
- 		baseline: baseline + textStyle leading!

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