[squeak-dev] Terse Guide's a bit outdated and contains errors

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Sun Feb 6 15:16:42 UTC 2022

Hi Marcel, all,

I've noticed the Terse Guide is a bit outdated and contains some errors and inconsistencies. Would you be interested in a quick review of these?

To name a few:
1. Under General - Allowable characters name symbols like "blank" and "ff" which I guess are not being used any longer. It's also not clear what these symbols are supposed to be allowable for - variable declarations??
2. Under Constants - x := 2e-2 is it a fractional constant? Or a float constant? It's confusing what (1/50) is then :)
3. Under Method Call - missing declaration of anArray

I'm not sure why the Terse guide doesn't behave like a Workspace: I mean automatic declarations. It's not straightforward to print-it or inspect the examples line by line; for a beginner running them feels scary - if you select just the line you're interested in, it shouts unknown variable and if you accept, the modified Terse guide is half purple (in the Dark mode).

If you're interested I could also add a few more Exceptions examples.

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