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Mon Feb 14 16:37:09 UTC 2022

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of Graphics to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Graphics-mt.481
Author: mt
Time: 14 February 2022, 5:37:01.583304 pm
UUID: 4ac783b7-38f7-4444-93c4-c37f188236cf
Ancestors: Graphics-mt.480

Complements Tools-mt.1134.

=============== Diff against Graphics-mt.480 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: TextStyle class>>fontSizeSummaryContents (in category 'utilities') -----
  	^ Text streamContents: [:aStream |
  			| knownStyles knownTTCStyles knownLegacyStyles defaultStyles printBlock |
  			knownStyles := self knownTextStylesWithoutDefault sorted.
  			defaultStyles := self defaultFamilyNames sorted.
  			aStream nextPutAll: ('This page lists all known text styles and for each style''s font the available point sizes. Most text fields offer the {1} where you can choose a different font or point size. Note that you can use any new point size for TrueType fonts. This is, however, not possible for our pre-rendred legacy fonts. If you need more fonts, use the {2} to import TrueType fonts from your current platform. Click {3} to browse all styles by example.\\'
  				translated withCRs asText format: {
  					'FontChooserTool' asText
  						addAttribute: (PluggableTextAttribute evalBlock: [FontChooserTool open]); yourself.
  					'FontImporterTool' asText
  						addAttribute: (PluggableTextAttribute evalBlock: [FontImporterTool open]); yourself.
  					'here' asText
  						addAttribute: (PluggableTextAttribute evalBlock: [TextStyle browseAllStyles])}).
  			defaultStyles do: [:styleName |
  				| style prefix |
  				style := self named: styleName.
  				prefix := (style isNil or: [(self named: style defaultFamilyName) == style]) ifTrue: [''] ifFalse: [' !! '].
  					nextPutAll: (((styleName padded: #left to: 24 with: Character space), ': ', prefix) asText addAttribute: (TextFontReference toFont: TextStyle defaultFixedFont); yourself);
  					nextPutAll: (style ifNil: ['-'] ifNotNil: [(style defaultFamilyName asText addAttribute: (TextFontReference toFont: style defaultFont); addAttribute: (PluggableTextAttribute evalBlock: [style explore]); yourself)]);
  			printBlock :=  [:styleName |
  					| style tt defaultFont preferredPointSize exampleFont |
  					style := self named: styleName.
  					preferredPointSize := TextStyle defaultFont pointSize. "system's current default"
  					defaultFont := style defaultFont. "style's current default"
+ 					exampleFont := defaultFont isSymbolFont
+ 						ifTrue: [TextStyle defaultFont]
+ 						ifFalse: [defaultFont asPointSize: preferredPointSize].
- 					exampleFont := defaultFont asPointSize: preferredPointSize.
  						nextPutAll: (styleName asText addAttribute: (TextFontReference toFont: exampleFont)).
  					styleName ~= style defaultFamilyName ifTrue: ["style alias"
  						aStream nextPutAll: ' (', style defaultFamilyName, ')'].
  					tt := style isTTCStyle ifTrue: [style defaultFont ttcDescription].
  						nextPutAll: ((Text new,
+ 							((style isTTCStyle ifFalse: [''] ifTrue: [' TrueType', (tt isExternal ifFalse: [''] ifTrue: [' (extern)']), (defaultFont isSymbolFont ifFalse: [''] ifTrue: [' (symbols)'])])
- 							((style isTTCStyle ifFalse: [''] ifTrue: [' TrueType', (tt isExternal ifFalse: [''] ifTrue: [' (extern)'])])
  								asText addAttribute: (TextColor color: ((self userInterfaceTheme get: #balloonTextColor for: #PluggableTextMorphPlus) ifNil: [Color gray])); yourself),
  							(style isTTCStyle ifFalse: [''] ifTrue: [ | eg |
  								'  ... ' asText,
  								((' ', (tt extraScale * 100) rounded asString, '%') asText addAttribute: (PluggableTextAttribute evalBlock: [style chooseExtraScale]); yourself),
  								(('  ', ((eg := tt extraGap) >= 0 ifTrue: ['+', eg asString] ifFalse: [eg asString])) asText addAttribute: (PluggableTextAttribute evalBlock: [style chooseExtraGap]); yourself) ]),
  							'  ...  ',
  							('explore' translated asText addAttribute: (PluggableTextAttribute evalBlock: [style explore]); yourself),
  							'  ',
+ 							('browse' translated asText addAttribute: (PluggableTextAttribute evalBlock: [defaultFont browseAllGlyphs; browseAllGlyphsByCategory]); yourself),
- 							('browse' translated asText addAttribute: (PluggableTextAttribute evalBlock: [defaultFont browseAllGlyphs]); yourself),
  							'  ') addAttribute: (TextFontReference toFont: Preferences standardButtonFont); yourself);
  					aStream nextPutAll:	 (((self fontPointSizesFor: styleName) inject: '    ' asText into: [:text :pointSize |
  							pointSize = defaultFont pointSize
  								ifFalse: [text, ((pointSize asFloat printShowingDecimalPlaces: 1) padded: #left to: 5 with: Character space)]
  								ifTrue: [text, (((pointSize asFloat printShowingDecimalPlaces: 1) padded: #left to: 5 with: Character space) asText addAttribute: TextEmphasis bold; yourself)]]) addAttribute: (TextFontReference toFont: TextStyle defaultFixedFont); yourself).
  					aStream cr; cr].
  			knownTTCStyles := knownStyles select: [:ea | (self named: ea) isTTCStyle].
  			knownLegacyStyles := knownStyles reject: [:ea | (self named: ea) isTTCStyle].
  			aStream cr.
  			knownTTCStyles do: printBlock.
  			aStream nextPutAll: ('The following pre-rendered legacy fonts are still available. Note that you can only choose from the point sizes that are listed here. Each point size has a pixel size for 96 PPI. The system scales currently for {1} PPI.' translated format: {TextStyle pixelsPerInch}) ; cr; cr.
  			knownLegacyStyles do: printBlock.

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