[squeak-dev] FileStreams Limit

Jörg Belger unique75 at web.de
Thu Feb 17 07:20:53 UTC 2022

Is there a limit with file streams? I cannot open more than 238 on my macOSX. The 239th fails and Squeak runs with 100% cpu power. I changed then the method StandardFileStream>>open:forWrite: and removed the #retryWithGC:until:forFileNamed:, because it looked to me, that it does not much things. Now I get a <nil> back from the primitive.

| directory streams |
directory := FileDirectory default directoryNamed: 'Test'.
directory assureExistence.
streams := (1 to: 239)
	collect: [:index | directory fileNamed: 'test', index printString].
streams do: #close


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