[squeak-dev] Traits in 2022?

Lauren P drurowin at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 20:56:45 UTC 2022

Hi List,

What is the current status of Traits? Core functionality works, but there's
no Browser support for classes built using traits, so it's actually
slightly more confusing to use them rather than pure subclassing.

Also... what's the difference between #requirement and
#explicitRequirement? The comment is... unhelpful...

>From learning to use them they seem helpful, but lack of Browser support
meant having to dig through message lists to learn the definition and use
templates, and then classes that are built from multiple traits leaves a
sense of "where did I define this?" when you notice a message needs changed.

Is the package worth learning and adding Browser support for? or is there
another design pattern List recommends?
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