[squeak-dev] bad MessageTrace regression (was: The Trunk: Morphic-mt.1652.mcz)

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 00:13:10 UTC 2022


sorry for the delay. Exams and things and other things, you know. :-)


> > Just to be clear, nothing is different than what it was before it got
> broken in 5.3.
> In Squeak 5.2 (and also 5.3), I could do this:
> 1. Type foo
> 2. Browse iMplementors
> 3. Select the first method
> 4. Press the "senders" button
> 5. And a second message trace on the senders of #foo opens.

"A second message trace" as in a second window?  That's not the behavior I
see.  That should only happen if traceMessages was not enabled, or if the
keyboard focus was somewhere besides the upper pane.

> This no longer works since the recent changes.

So, you want to be able to only forward trace (e.g., add indended
implementors) but replace ability to back trace (add outdented senders)
with only starting yet a new trace?  If so, I'm puzzled why you would want
that.  Back tracing is useful but there'd be no way to do it if it always
opened a new window.

> > Cmd+c+0+v+m. :)
> I know and sometimes do that. But you won't be able to convince me that
> this could be as fast as a single button. Also, the search bar/scratch pad
> do not provide support for stacking these conceptual breaks,

sometimes I am parking another doit script there ...

Actually, that's precisely why the "scratch pad" was hacked in -- it's
multi-line.  There's your "stack".  :)  Rudimentary, I know, but it works.
Undo also works.

Side note:  the scratch pad in the upper right is a temporary hack -- I
always wanted Cmd+0 to open a BalloonMorph at the hand with the cursor
ready to type, so the user's eyes don't always have to traverse back and
forth to the upper right and back..

> But, I don't care about (b). Traces are normally built via the upper and
> lower pane functions, not the middle button row. So, ONLY for the button
> row between the panes, it seems fine for it to unconditionally open a new
> window. If it's possible to twiggle it dynamically with a modifier key,
> that'd be preferable but, even if not, it seems reasonable to open a new
> window. But we need to maintain the legacy behaviors for the upper and
> lower panes, please.
> Alright, please see Tools-ct.1136. I still do not consider this a perfect
> and maximally intuitive solution, but apparently we are a few users of this
> tool only, so if we can find a heuristic that satisfies everyone, this
> might not be a big problem. :-)

The heuristic is for building Traces.  I'm not sure if you feel your change
is an optimization of that use-case, or a different one..

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