[squeak-dev] Fixing the button icons/labels in BookMorph

David O'Toole deeteeoh1138 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 01:30:49 UTC 2022

In Squeak 5.3, the following statement:

 (ScriptingSystem formAtKey: #PrevPage) asMorph openInHand.

Produces the old etoys #Cat image, as seen in the screenshot on top of the

Apparently ScriptingSystem class>>formAtKey: does this when the symbol
isn't in the class's FormDictionary, I'm a little lost as to where this is
initialized, but it may be loading graphics from an old Etoys file that is
perhaps garbled or missing? Or perhaps the icons have just not been
initialized properly.

Aside from this, I was thinking of making simple new 48x48 icons for
the buttons that currently use text labels (i.e. "<<, <, ., >, >>, o") as
when the more complex controls of the BookMorph are displayed.

I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer in terms of: 1. fixing
the existing simple-controls button icons that display a cat instead,
and/or 2. guidance on the best place to install a few new icons in a way
that won't conflict with anything else.

So, how do you feel about my giving BookMorph some attention and perhaps
proposing a patch or two? Are there any existing issues/thoughts about
BookMorph that I might be able to address as well?
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