[squeak-dev] Proper use of SourceFiles and "CurrentReadOnlySourceFiles cacheDuring:"

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Jan 7 03:58:30 UTC 2022

I have vague memories of quite a lot of sources file related complication being added a *long* time ago because of problems specific to Windows. It may be that in the intervening 20 years enough has changed to make it unnecessary now.

One thing I always found alarming is the copying of file accessor info and multiple openings of the same file by multiple users. That's just plain immoral. Right here in River City!

Also, there is a cost to closing a file in many modern systems. There's a lot of buffering going on and closing is supposed to flush those buffers. Then sometihng else has to flush the buffer-buffers. So maybe repeated open/close is expensive?

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