[squeak-dev] Building Squeak 5.3 on FreeBSD

Edwin Ancaer eancaer at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 05:30:49 UTC 2022


Some time ago, begin 2020, I managed to build a Squeak 5.0 VM on FreeBSD,
based on the sources in the opensmalltalk-vm github repository.
I remember having some difficulties, on the way, but everything got solved,
and I still have that version working.

Right now, I built linux64x64  Squeak 5.3 cog spur VM on FreeBSD. There
were no compilation errors, no linker errors, So I started squeak, started
running the tests in TestRunner, and got the following

[edwin at ottopedi
./squeak ../../../../image/Squeak5.3-19431-64bit.image
[edwin at ottopedi

It looks this happened during the execution of testOutOfMemorySignal.

Are other people here using Squeak 5.3 on FreeBSD?
Should I still build the linux64x64 version for FreeBSD, and, if so, any
idea how to find out what is going wrong?

Kind regards,

Edwin Ancaer
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