[squeak-dev] Porting Christian Haider's PDFTalk to Squeak

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Tue Jan 11 09:43:16 UTC 2022

Hi Tim --

Having PDF tools for Squeak would be so awesome! *_*

Am 11.01.2022 01:17:57 schrieb Louis LaBrunda <lou at keystone-software.com>:
On Mon, 10 Jan 2022 14:46:56 -0800, tim Rowledge wrote:

>I imagine at least a few people will know of Christian Haider's extremely cool PDFTools. He wrote a very extensive suite of classes to read, process, create and edit PDF files, originally in VisualWorks. This would be a very useful tool set to have in Squeak, or indeed any other Smalltalk. Take a look at https://wiki.pdftalk.de/doku.php for the current system doc & examples. I've used it a fair bit in a VW system and it is very capable.
>We want to get the code ported to Squeak and other Smalltalks. Our problem is that there is a lot of code, written using the VW namespaces idiom, needing porting - and that Christian is quite ill. He is hoping to be able to advise and guide, but there is no way I have enough available time to make decent progress solo.
>So, we are waving flags to try to attract interested parties to the, err, party. In principle we should be able to port to Squeak, Pharo, Cuis, perhaps VAST, Smalltalk/X - hell, maybe even GST. The Grease package may be a valuable resource in this potential spread. There is already a Gemstone port and the experience of creating that should provide some ideas to help.
>Who's interested?

I don't know enough to say so yet but I may be interested in working on a VAST port.


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