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Thu Jan 20 00:05:34 UTC 2022

Christoph Thiede uploaded a new version of Collections to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Collections-ct.975
Author: ct
Time: 20 January 2022, 1:04:45.934265 am
UUID: 04950c59-51ba-e544-8edf-32c0fa11e53c
Ancestors: Collections-mt.974

Eliminates dependency on ToolBuilder-Kernel.

=============== Diff against Collections-mt.974 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: LookupKey>>recompileBindingsAnnouncing: (in category 'bindings') -----
  recompileBindingsAnnouncing: aBool 
  	"Make the receiver (a global read-write binding) be a read-only binding"
+ 			[Project uiManager informUserDuring: 
- 			[UIManager default informUserDuring: 
  					[:bar | 
  					(self systemNavigation allCallsOn: self) do: 
  							[:mref | 
+ 							bar value: ('Recompiling {1}' translated format: {mref asStringOrText}).
- 							bar value: 'Recompiling ' , mref asStringOrText.
  							mref actualClass recompile: mref methodSymbol]]]
  			[(self systemNavigation allCallsOn: self) 
  				do: [:mref | mref actualClass recompile: mref methodSymbol]]!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: TextURL>>analyze: (in category 'initialize-release') -----
  analyze: aString
  	| list |
  	list := super analyze: aString.
+ 	(Project uiManager request: 'URL to open' translated initialAnswer: (list at: 1))
- 	(UIManager default request: 'URL to open' translated initialAnswer: (list at: 1))
  		in: [:answer | answer ifEmpty: [url := list at: 1] ifNotEmpty: [url := answer]].
  	^ list at: 2!

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