[squeak-dev] The Trunk: Morphic-mt.1852.mcz

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 23:27:19 UTC 2022

Hi Jaromir,

> 1) you work and document your experiments in the Workspace -> then close the Workspace by mistake -> work's gone

The conducted experiments are in the changes log.

> ---> recovering closed windows would solve this (Chris)
> 2) again, you work in the Workspace and don't want to save the image -> then crash and lose the image -> work's gone

The most recent work conducted in the workspace is in the changes log
(otherwise, what made the image crash?).

> ---> here I need to know to fileout the Workspace before the (expected) crash; optional fileout associated with Accept (CTRL+s) sounds nicely "intuitive" but if this approach breaks some other considerations I'm not fully aware of then any form of "teaching" the user like the "first time message" about the dangers and options might be very helpful (Jakob)

Unfortunately, it won't work.  What we're trying to figure out here,
abstractly, is how to protect the user from losing work --
specifically the cost of an unintentional gesture -- closing a
Workspace that was Accepted causing the user to accidentally lose

But just like when not saving the image, you'll lose all the work
since your last file save, and the user will end up just one easy
gesture away from "work's gone".  When the image is relaunched all
they will see are all their old workspaces with the snippets they
remember, and during that moment of "re-initialization" of their brain
on "where they were" with their project, could easily forget that all
the workspaces on the screen are stale, and that they need to "reload"
them.. somehow??  If they instead get drawn in and start working on
what they see right there, then they will instantly have "two
versions" -- the new (re)work one in memory and last-saved work on
disk, which will be obliterated upon the next press of Cmd+s.

It doesn't solve the abstract issue of protecting the user from losing
work by an accidental gesture.

I believe there's a reason *Workspaces* shouldn't be able to save --
because if you're doing so much work that it should be saved, then it
should be put into a method instead.


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