[squeak-dev] Glorp

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 02:32:37 UTC 2022

Hi Jörg,

> Can someone tell me WHAT I have to load from WHICH repository and WHAT I need to execute in workspace to get a running and working
> Glorp in Squeak on macOSX, maybe at first with a simple sqlite3 database.

Ordinarily, this question would be transparently answered by use of
the SqueakMap Catalog available within the image.  There is a "GLORP
Port" entry there, unfortunately it hasn't been updated since 2008.

> What I did the last weeks is to get a running OpenDBX installation first, but without success. Here is what I did:
> ...
> - load „ConfigurationOfOpenDBXDriver“ from the already existing repository  http://www.squeaksource.com/MetacelloRepository from Monticello Browser
> - execute in workspace „ConfigurationOfOpenDBXDriver project latestVersion load“
> Later I found that the FFI package is outdated and I loaded a version from 'http://source.squeak.org/FFI‘
> - i executed "Metacello new configuration: ‚FFI'; load. ...
> - all the other things on the website are not working, you get always loading errors or dependency errors
> With that FFI I get now the error „no module to load address from“ ...
> There are so much loading and dependency problems with other packages. Often the configurations contains the class method #ensureMetacello, but with an outdated url seaside.gemstone.com instead of seaside.gemtalksystems.com.
> So this is simply a mess for me as a Squeak beginner, when nothing is loadable and working and when dependencies to other repositories exists, that are simply outdated.

I assume you're wanting to utilize Smalltalk as the logic of a
database application because of the transparency and inherent power of
expressivity it provides.  If so, would you like to consider
leap-frogging the impedance mismatch of RDBMS', the brittle connection
to external drivers, and all the failing package dependency nonsense,
for a reliable, *truly transparent* ODBMS designed from scratch for
Squeak, maintained to this day, and loads in under a minute the first
time with just one click using the standard method described above?

If so, then check out Magma.  It's recently been updated to Squeak
5.3, the current production version.  There's some basic documentation


and I'm always happy to assist anyone who may have any questions here.

You've had to spend all your time so far worrying about everything
EXCEPT your application.  Magma (and ODBMS's in general) strive to
allow developers to focus 98% of effort on their application domain,
and only about 2% on database details.


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