[squeak-dev] Fw: Re: Re: [Newbies] Bug: Cannot type double-quote sign in Squeak on Linux

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Thu Jul 7 15:58:33 UTC 2022

Hi Hans --

It might be a good idea to document this issue here:
https://github.com/squeak-smalltalk/squeak-object-memory/issues [https://github.com/squeak-smalltalk/squeak-object-memory/issues]

I would not expect that this particular issue got fixed in the new Squeak 6.0 release:
https://squeak.org/ [https://squeak.org/]

If you think that this is rather VM-related, there is an extra issue tracker for the OpenSmalltalk VM:
https://github.com/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm/issues [https://github.com/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm/issues]

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Von: J .W. Jansen <hans.jansen845801 at kpnmail.nl>
Datum: 20.06.2021 14:12:20
Betreff: Re: Re: [Newbies] Bug: Cannot type double-quote sign in Squeak on Linux
An: Marcel Taeumel <marcel.taeumel at hpi.de>

Hello Marcel,
Thank you for your reaction! As far as I know, all five of the keys 'backquote', 'tilde', 'up-arrow', 'single quote', and 'double-quote' are also used for accentuating other characters, and thus should indeed (and have always been) 'dead' keys. The normal behaviour is, IMO, that when you type the dead key, nothing seems to happen, but when the next key is entered, the corresponding character is changed, like e.g. a -> á, o -> ö, etc. Typing a dead key followed by the space key normally results in the symbol itself being returned.
In a Linux terminal window all this works as expected.

In a Workspace window on Squeak, not one of these combinations works! Initially I assumed that a workaround existed by typing the 'dead' key twice; at least for the first four this seemed to work. But the last one (the double-quote, indeed) looked the same as when I used the "standard" way as described above.
I attach a small text file demonstrating the results of a few experiments I did to find out what is happening. Seeing the result of the "showkey -a" command, I must conclude that not one of the five accentuations work; the first four "double-type" actions seem to do, but the last one just receives the unconverted keycodes (which are being converted correctly by the terminal).
I hope this makes my problem clear. If you need more info, just let me know...
I have not yet had time to test the Trunk version you mentioned; I may have an opportunity to try that later this week.
Greetings, Hans.

Op 18-06-2021 om 08:49 schreef Marcel Taeumel:

Hi Hans,

should the key to enter single or double quotes be a dead key at all?

Could you try it in a 6.0alpha (Trunk) and report back? There is a KeyboardExerciser that shows some more information:

KeyboardExerciser new openInWorld.

Resize the tool via its halo. It will get keyboard focus on mouse-enter.

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