[squeak-dev] laptops, secondary monitors and projects...

Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 04:04:46 UTC 2022

> Did your request be somewhat addressed by the the in-image scale factor?

I think Eliot's idea sounds like a brilliant enhancement to the new scaling
feature.  Smalltalk is already amazing in how you can transfer an image
from one computer to another, even across platforms.

Just not different display sizes..  At least, not without awkwardness.
IMO, it would be utterly cool if this "just worked".  It would even be
worth backporting to 6.0, to really showcase that new feature even better.

> > [...] using Vanessa's superb partial commit feature [...]
> Uhh, what is that? :-)

Cmd+Shift+I to "I"gnore any number of changes in the MC save dialog.
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