[squeak-dev] starting Windows VM headless

Bruce O'Neel bruce.oneel at pckswarms.ch
Sun Jul 10 11:16:12 UTC 2022

So I played a while and the magic program seems to be
squeakconsole.exe, not squeak.exe.

It's shipped with the VM so you have it if you have a windows install.

Good news, squeakconsole -help will look very familiar to those of us
who use linux.  And it matches kind of the documentation here from


Not good news is that -headless, while accepted, does nothing special
*for me*.

NB:  I am running this on that invention of the devil called a
Windows Corporate Desktop.  When you breath slightly wrong you run
into some GPO limitation or some installed monitoring program
limitation.  I can see why the idea that something runs in the
background might make the security folks twitchy so your results might

Tim, could you ask your friend to try

squeakconsole.exe -headless insertyourimagehere.image

and see what happens?



On 2022-07-10T11:10:15.000+02:00, Jakob Reschke
<jakres+squeak at gmail.com> wrote:

> No clue about headless, but you can drag&drop an .image on the
> Squeak.exe executable. That is equivalent to running `Squeak.exe
> <path to .image>` on the command line indeed.
> Kind regards,
> Jakob
> -------------------------
> Am So., 10. Juli 2022 um 02:24 Uhr schrieb tim Rowledge
> <tim at rowledge.org>:
>>  A colleague wants to run Squeak on Windows and I have no idea; I'm
>>  fairly sure I haven't run Squeak on Windows since 1999 or
>>  thereabouts. Some flailing around on the swiki hasn't enlightened
>>  me much.
>>  It must surely be sometihng like `squeak.exe squeak.image`, right?
>>  Somehow this is 'not working' for said colleague for some value of
>>  the phrase (yet to be discovered).
>>  Also, how does one do headless on Windows? Am I right in thinking
>>  there is some stuff to do to set up service or similar?
>>  tim
>>  --
>>  tim Rowledge; tim at rowledge.orghttp://www.rowledge.org/tim
>>  Useful random insult:- A gross ignoramus -- 144 times worse than
>>  an ordinary ignoramus.

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