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Chris Muller asqueaker at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 01:17:02 UTC 2022

Hi Marcel,

Please make sure to have Text >> #format: be on par with your changes.

Hmm, I noticed that, but am hesitant to continue encouraging Text to take
on that responsibility.  Text is concerned with presentation --
attributes, colors, fonts -- and not really the domain side, which is what
#format: is dealing with.  I see the existing implementation is optimized
by directly accessing its 'runs', which I would not do.

> Note that you changes put more pressure on the GC:
> ['Hello {1}!' format: { 'Squeak' }] bench
> BEFORE: '2,320,000 per second. 432 nanoseconds per run. 1.63967 % GC
> time.'
> AFTER: '1,340,000 per second. 746 nanoseconds per run. 16.92 % GC time.'

See Collections-cmm.1018, which restores (mostly) the legacy performance
when using numeric-only tokens.  The garbage you saw is necessary when
using alphanumeric tokens.  This optimization complexifies the code to the
limit of what I believe is reasonable to achieve extra performance.  I
think people generally expect String manipulation to involve the need to
produce some garbage.

> P.S.: If you had not opted for re-layouting the entire method, I would be
> able to actually see what you changed there... ;-) ... pretty-print for
> obfuscation, I suppose? :-D

For obfuscation?  Give me a break, absolutely not.  Huh?  No, I've always
been a supporter of preserving the formats of original works, especially
when only superficial changes are being made, but this is a long method and
the change is too complex for me to be expected not to utilize what I need
to be productive, which includes the use of my pretty printer, yes.

Speaking of which, WHAT in the heck happened to comment formatting in 6.0?
We've held off improving the pretty printer to emulate Rectangular Block
for years out of respect for original authors chosen legacy format.  But
this new comment formatting blows that out of the water by changing
peoples' **custom-formatted** comments to  a horrendously narrow,
super-tall format!  Please revert ParseNode>>#printSingleComment:on:indent:.

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