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Programming Abstractions and Interactive Notations, Tools, and Environments
2022 (PAINT-22)

Co-located with SPLASH 2022 (Mon 5 - Sat 10 December 2022 Auckland, New


Call for Papers and Demos (Submissions: Thu 1 Sep 2022)


*** Introduction ***

Programming environments that integrate tools, notations, and abstractions
into a holistic user experience can provide programmers with better support
for what they want to achieve. These programming environments can create an
engaging place to do new forms of informational work - resulting in
enjoyable, creative, and productive experiences with programming.

*** Topics of Interest ***

In the workshop on Programming Abstractions and Interactive Notations,
Tools, and Environments (PAINT), we want to discuss programming
environments that support users in working with and creating notations and
abstractions that matter to them. We are interested in the relationship
between people centric notations and general-purpose programming languages
and environments. How do we reflect the various experiences, needs, and
priorities of the many people involved in programming — whether they call
it that or not?

Areas of interest to PAINT include but are not limited to:

* Design and implementation of program representations and their means of
interaction for end-users of all ages
* Design and implementation of visual programming environments
* Block-based environments and their application
* Projectional editors and their application
* Languages and their environments with mixed notations
* Meta tools or tool creation frameworks
* Methods to support working with abstractions, such as example-based
* Input and output devices for interacting with programming environments
* Theories of the above

*** Important Dates ***

* Submissions: Thu 1 Sep 2022
* Notifications: Sun 2 Oct 2022
* Camera-ready: Mon 24 Oct 2022
* Workshop: during SPLASH 2022 (Mon 5 - Sat 10 December 2022), to be

*** Format ***

The actual format of PAINT will depend on it being held hybrid or online.
___Remote participation will be ensured.___

We plan to organize the workshop as a one-day workshop (or up to two days
with shorter slots if online) as a combination of short presentations and
demos combined with structured feedback inspired by the Writer’s Workshop

* Participants are expected to have visited the materials beforehand.
* A moderator leads and directs the discussion.
* We review the pieces and their ideas one at a time.
* In general, the authors whose work is under review are silent.
* When discussing form, the following kinds of questions will be asked:
    - What did you gather / understand from the piece?
    - What aspects of the piece worked well to present the ideas?
    - What aspects need improvement? (These comments must be in the form of
suggestions, not criticisms.)
* When discussing the ideas, the following kinds of questions will be asked:
    - What are the ideas?
    - Which ideas seem like good ones (and why)?
    - Which ideas need improvement or elimination? (Make positive
suggestions when you can.)
* At the end the authors ask questions of the group.

This is the basic format, but we adjust the flow according to the needs of
the group and the way the discussion is going. It is formal to ensure all
the important points are covered.

For more information about the workshop format, please have a look at
Richard P. Gabriel’s book “Writers’ Workshops & the World of Making Things”

*** Types of Submissions ***

PAINT welcomes two types of contributions:

* Research papers should present new, previously unpublished research in
one or more of the topics described above. Six to eight pages might be
considered a good target for the contributions expected at PAINT. However,
there is no page limit on submitted papers. As a general rule, the number
of pages should match the size of the contribution. It is the
responsibility of the authors to keep the reviewers interested and
motivated to read the paper. Reviewers are under no obligation to read all
or even a substantial portion of a paper if they do not find the initial
part of it interesting.

* Demos show early implementations of novel and compelling tools,
techniques, devices, and systems. Submissions should be in the form of a
video no longer than 5 minutes that participants can watch prior to the
workshop and then discuss.

Papers and demos are to be submitted via EasyChair (

*** Publication ***

Accepted papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library.

(To be confirmed: Proceedings will be post-workshop to give authors the
opportunity to incorporate feedback obtained at the workshop.)
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