[squeak-dev] headful evaluation of script, supplied on the command line, with Squeak 6

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Fri Jul 22 13:08:16 UTC 2022

Hi Eliot --

> buildsistareader64image.sh:echo $VM trunksista64reader.image -- LoadFFI.st

So, you are saying that the "--" syntax changed? Hmm... I never used it on Windows. 

Actual changes in this area were made end of 2020:

> Smalltalk arguments ==> the command line arguments intended for use in the image after all startup processing
> Smalltalk rawArguments ==> same as above, but also including image name and '‑‑' tokens.
> Regardless of the various combinations of '‑‑' tokens and Squeak preferences, "Smalltalk arguments" provides of list of arguments intended for use in Squeak after the VM option processing and the startup document processing. This argument list may be used for any purpose at all within the image.

Am 22.07.2022 05:09:11 schrieb Eliot Miranda <eliot.miranda at gmail.com>:
Am I really expected to rewrite all of these, or is the change in semantics actually a bug?

buildsistareader64image.sh:echo $VM trunksista64reader.image -- LoadFFI.st
buildsistareader64image.sh:$VM trunksista64reader.image -- LoadFFI.st
buildsistareader64image.sh:echo $VM trunksista64reader.image -- LoadReader.st
buildsistareader64image.sh:$VM trunksista64reader.image -- LoadReader.st
buildsistareader64image.sh:echo $VM trunksista64reader.image -- StartReader.st
buildsistareader64image.sh:$VM trunksista64reader.image -- StartReader.st
buildsistareaderimage.sh:echo $VM sistareader.image -- LoadSistaSupport.st
buildsistareaderimage.sh:$VM sistareader.image -- LoadSistaSupport.st
buildsistareaderimage.sh:echo $VM sistareader.image -- LoadReader.st
buildsistareaderimage.sh:$VM sistareader.image -- LoadReader.st
buildsistareaderimage.sh:echo $VM sistareader.image -- StartReader.st
buildsistareaderimage.sh:$VM sistareader.image -- StartReader.st
buildspurtrunk64image.sh:echo $VM SpurVMMaker.image -- BuildSpurTrunk64Image.st
buildspurtrunk64image.sh:$VM SpurVMMaker.image -- BuildSpurTrunk64Image.st
buildspurtrunkreader64image.sh: echo $VM spurreader-64.image -- LoadFFI.st
buildspurtrunkreader64image.sh: $VM spurreader-64.image -- LoadFFI.st
buildspurtrunkreader64image.sh:echo $VM spurreader-64.image -- LoadReader.st
buildspurtrunkreader64image.sh:$VM spurreader-64.image -- LoadReader.st
buildspurtrunkreader64image.sh:echo $VM spurreader-64.image -- StartReader.st
buildspurtrunkreader64image.sh:$VM spurreader-64.image -- StartReader.st
buildspurtrunkreaderimage.sh: echo $VM spurreader.image -- LoadFFI.st
buildspurtrunkreaderimage.sh: $VM spurreader.image -- LoadFFI.st
buildspurtrunkreaderimage.sh:echo $VM spurreader.image -- LoadReader.st
buildspurtrunkreaderimage.sh:$VM spurreader.image -- LoadReader.st
buildspurtrunkreaderimage.sh:echo $VM spurreader.image -- StartReader.st
buildspurtrunkreaderimage.sh:$VM spurreader.image -- StartReader.st
buildspurtrunkvmmaker64image.sh:echo $VM Spur64VMMaker.image -- BuildSqueakSpurTrunkVMMakerImage.st
buildspurtrunkvmmaker64image.sh:$VM Spur64VMMaker.image -- BuildSqueakSpurTrunkVMMakerImage.st
buildspurtrunkvmmakerimage.sh:echo $VM SpurVMMaker.image -- BuildSqueakSpurTrunkVMMakerImage.st
buildspurtrunkvmmakerimage.sh:$VM SpurVMMaker.image -- BuildSqueakSpurTrunkVMMakerImage.st
envvars.sh:if unzip --help >/dev/null; then
getsqueak50.sh: if unzip --help >/dev/null; then
updatespur64SistaV1image.sh: echo $VM $BASESISTA64.image -- NukePreferenceWizardMorph.st
updatespur64SistaV1image.sh: $VM $BASESISTA64.image -- NukePreferenceWizardMorph.st
updatespur64SistaV1image.sh: echo $VM $BASESISTA64.image -- SaveAsSista.st
updatespur64SistaV1image.sh: $VM $BASESISTA64.image -- SaveAsSista.st
updatespur64SistaV1image.sh: echo $VM $BASESISTA64.image -- NukePreferenceWizardMorph.st
updatespur64SistaV1image.sh: $VM $BASESISTA64.image -- NukePreferenceWizardMorph.st
updatespur64SistaV1image.sh:echo $VM $BASESISTA64.image -- UpdateSqueakTrunkImage.st
updatespur64SistaV1image.sh:$VM $BASESISTA64.image -- UpdateSqueakTrunkImage.st
updatespur64image.sh: echo $VM $BASE64.image -- NukePreferenceWizardMorph.st
updatespur64image.sh: $VM $BASE64.image -- NukePreferenceWizardMorph.st
updatespur64image.sh:echo $VM $BASE64.image -- UpdateSqueakTrunkImage.st
updatespur64image.sh:$VM $BASE64.image -- UpdateSqueakTrunkImage.st
updatespurimage.sh: echo $VM $BASE.image -- NukePreferenceWizardMorph.st
updatespurimage.sh: $VM $BASE.image -- NukePreferenceWizardMorph.st
updatespurimage.sh:echo $VM $BASE.image -- UpdateSqueakTrunkImage.st
updatespurimage.sh:$VM $BASE.image -- UpdateSqueakTrunkImage.st
updatevmmakerimage.sh:echo $VM SpurVMMaker.image -- UpdateSqueakTrunkImage.st
updatevmmakerimage.sh:$VM SpurVMMaker.image -- UpdateSqueakTrunkImage.st

On Thu, Jul 21, 2022 at 6:23 PM Eliot Miranda <eliot.miranda at gmail.com [mailto:eliot.miranda at gmail.com]> wrote:

Hi All,

    I'm trying ot update the VMMaker image build scripts. I've got as far as downloading the latest 6.x image and VM (much easier now; thanks to everyone who has made the github pages easier to navigate!!).

How do I launch a trunk6 image with a script so that the system is running headful and one can see it make progress?

I am launching with this on MacOS: and I get a headless blank screen that appears to be 640x480, quite different to the normal startup showing the configuration wizard I get f I launch without the arguments:

./Squeak.app/Contents/MacOS/Squeak trunk6-64.image -- UpdateSqueakTrunkImage.st

where trunk6-64.image is a clone of e.g. Squeak6.0-22104-64bit.image

I've tried
    ./Squeak.app/Contents/MacOS/Squeak trunk6-64.image -- --filein UpdateSqueakTrunkImage.st    ./Squeak.app/Contents/MacOS/Squeak trunk6-64.image --filein UpdateSqueakTrunkImage.st
etc, but get the 640x480 grey screen image.  

best, Eliot



best, Eliot
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