[squeak-dev] Cmd-Shift-9 not working on macOS, in 6.0alpha or 6.0beta

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Fri Jun 3 06:11:38 UTC 2022

Hi all,

(starting a new thread on this topic)

Cmd-Shift-9 used to work on macOS (as recently as 5.3 and possibly as early as Mac 68k VMs?) to enclose the selection in parentheses.  I cannot get it to work in 6.0alpha or 6.0beta on macOS under any circumstance.

Here is a video of this happening, with "legacy keyboard shortcuts" enabled in the startup configuration wizard:


The video shows an M1 Mac running macOS 12.4.  I can also reproduce this on a Core i5 MacBook Air running 10.13.6.

Note that I cannot get Cmd-Shift-9 to work with 'legacy keyboard shortcuts' enabled /or/ disabled.  In other words:  Cmd-Shift-9 doesn't work if I skip the configuration wizard (accepting defaults), nor does it work if I explicitly enable 'legacy keyboard shortcuts' in the configuration wizard.  I am on a US keyboard.

Perhaps related:  another difference between 5.3 and 6.0beta is in Cmd-9 (without Shift held).  On 5.3, Cmd-9 seems to decrease the font kerning so the letters become closer together.  On 6.0beta, Cmd-9 underlines text.  Is it possible that this change is related to Cmd-Shift-9 no longer working?  (Was there some brave & necessary unraveling & reimagining of various layers of keyboard shortcuts over the 6.0 development cycle...?)

Tim J

PS — I bring this up because no one has explicitly said that Cmd-Shift-9 is gone forever.  Sounds like it is expected to still be possible to use this shortcut...?   But if it is gone and won't come back, please, tell me, and I will light a candle for it.  I may find it challenging to adapt to the new mechanism, because pressing a visible character, with no modifiers held, while text is selected, has a long history of replacing the selected text.   But challenges make us stronger, and Squeak is the most flexible system...

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