[squeak-dev] Cmd-Shift-9 not working on macOS, in 6.0alpha or 6.0beta

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Sat Jun 4 19:41:06 UTC 2022

> On 2022-06-04, at 12:00 PM, Tim Johnson <digit at sonic.net> wrote:
> Hi Marcel,
> Thanks!  The shortcut has returned!  (I also tested on Linux and Windows.)
> However, it does seem to be a different shortcut.  On 5.2, the shortcut will /toggle/ enclosing parenthesis.  Whereas in 6.0 it just keeps /adding/ parentheses.  

Can confirm. This ain't gonna fly. And that 'enclose selection' thing is just terrible UI; if I want to wrap a selection I expect to use a command operation of some sort. A simple key should provide a character.

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