[squeak-dev] GitHub issues filed for Seaside load warnings in Squeak 6.0 beta

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Sun Jun 5 00:50:26 UTC 2022

Hi all,

Just FYI — 

I went through loading Seaside in 6.0beta-#21848.  (Metacello loading is so fast now!  Great job and thank you!)

There are two places where the BlockContext family retirement will break Seaside loading.  One is a rendering method but the other is in continuations.  I've filed issues on the Seaside GitHub project.  It's clear that if we want these fixed, we will have to do it ourselves.


BaselineOfSeaside3>>#baselinesqueak: would be a good place to begin splitting out the new requirements for Squeak 6.0 compared to earlier versions.  I don't know that /this/ list is the proper place to have much discussion about this, but I thought I'd mention it here.

Tim J

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