[squeak-dev] debugger Abandon

Jaromir Matas mail at jaromir.net
Tue Jun 7 16:31:37 UTC 2022

Hi Christoph,

I've just noticed the following example raises an error when trying to abandon or close the debugger:

If you run this in the Workspace:
                p := [  [Semaphore new wait] ensure: [1/0] ] fork.
And then terminate by hand in the Workspace:
                [p terminate] fork
The ZeroDivide pops up but when you press Abandon an MNU: doesNotUnderstand stepToCallee pops up. Could you please check?

Leaving the debugger from the debugger window menu 'terminate process' works fine.

Thanks a lot.


Jaromír Matas

mail at jaromir.net

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