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Thu Jun 9 08:15:55 UTC 2022

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of Kernel to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Kernel-jar.1477
Author: jar
Time: 8 June 2022, 1:18:13.217988 pm
UUID: cde25b8e-8f6a-4241-8f6e-67a9ae27da68
Ancestors: Kernel-jar.1476

Setting suspendedContext may ruin your image; add checks to prevent such situations. Add examples and coments documenting disastrous situations.

Supersede Kernel-jar.1474.

Updated test will follow later.

=============== Diff against Kernel-jar.1476 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Process>>suspendedContext: (in category 'private') -----
+ suspendedContext: aContextOrNil
+ 	"Set suspendedContext; proceed with caution when assigning nil or when process priority is undefined."
+ 	"Note: Assigning nil to a runnable but not active process would freeze the image when self is scheduled to run.
+ 	 Workspace example:
+ 	 These two lines (executed at once, not line by line)
+ 		p := [] newProcess resume.
+ 		p suspendedContext: nil
+ 	 will freeze the image; the first line puts p in the run queue, the second line niles p's suspendedContext and
+ 	 when the UI cycles, p tries to run with niled suspendedContext and the image freezes as a result.
+ 	 Assigning 'suspendedContext' before 'priority' is defined may cause a disaster when Process Browser is open  
+ 	 with auto-update on; once the 'suspendedContext' is set, the new process is no longer considered terminated
+ 	 and Process Browser will try to place it in its list of processes but encounters a nil error when reading its priority
+ 	 because it has not been set yet.
+ 	 Workspace example:
+ 	 If you run the following line with Process Browser open and auto-update on, you'll ruin your image:
+ 		p := Process new suspendedContext: [self] asContext
+ 	 Every second a new debugger window pops up and the only way out is to kill the image in the OS.
+ 	 As a precautionary measure set 'priority' if undefined to the active process priority before setting
+ 	 'suspendedContext'."
- suspendedContext: aContext
- 	"Note: assigning nil to a runnable but not active process would freeze the image when self is scheduled to run."
+ 	priority ifNil: [priority := Processor activePriority].
+ 	suspendedContext := aContextOrNil ifNil: [self suspend. nil]!
- 	suspendedContext := aContext ifNil: [self suspend. nil]!

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