[squeak-dev] Revised suspend: possible need for a fix in SqueakMap (?)

Jaromir Matas mail at jaromir.net
Wed Jun 15 09:21:57 UTC 2022

Hi Marcel, all,

Jakob spotted an issue with Squot after introducing the revised #suspend semantics (prim 578) and the latest version of #terminate.

I found a pattern in Squot where you suspend and resume a process: if the process was on a semaphore the new #suspend semantics would change the behavior of the computation; however we don’t know yet whether this is the cause of Squot’s issue.

The same pattern:

                oldUIProcess suspend.
                Project resumeProcess: oldUIProcess.

is used in InstallerSqueakMap >> #update so I wonder whether this might be an issue too. I have no experience with SqueakMap and don’t know how to find out whether InstallerSqueakMap >> #update works as intended or whether a fix is necessary; could possibly somebody experienced verify?

The fix should be straightforward: use #suspendAndUnblock instead of #suspend to revert to the previous semantics (prim 88) in this particular case.

Thanks for your help.


Jaromír Matas

mail at jaromir.net

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