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Thu Jun 16 13:53:37 UTC 2022

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of Morphic to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Morphic-mt.2007
Author: mt
Time: 16 June 2022, 3:53:31.280458 pm
UUID: 64d5a375-beb5-b643-b725-ff702830fbcb
Ancestors: Morphic-ct.2006

Removes undeclared instVar refs.

=============== Diff against Morphic-ct.2006 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PluggableButtonMorph>>initialize (in category 'initialization') -----
  	super initialize.
  	"Layout properties."
  		extent: 20 @ 15;
  		clipSubmorphs: true.
  	"Set layout properties directly to avoid unnecessary calls to #updateMinimumExtent. Should be replaced with #assureLayoutProperties in the future."
  	self assureTableLayoutProperties
  		hResizing: #shrinkWrap;
  		vResizing: #shrinkWrap;
  		layoutInset: self defaultLayoutInset;
  		wrapCentering: #center;
  		cellPositioning: #topCenter.
  	"Initialize instance variables."
  	model := nil.
  	label := nil.
  	getStateSelector := nil.
  	actionSelector := nil.
  	getLabelSelector := nil.
  	getMenuSelector := nil.
  	shortcutCharacter := nil.
  	askBeforeChanging := false.
  	triggerOnMouseDown := false.
- 	allButtons := nil.
  	argumentsProvider := nil.
  	argumentsSelector := nil.
  	self setDefaultParameters.

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PluggableButtonMorph>>veryDeepInner: (in category 'copying') -----
  veryDeepInner: deepCopier
  	"Copy all of my instance variables.  Some need to be not copied at all, but shared.  	Warning!!!!  Every instance variable defined in this class must be handled.  We must also implement veryDeepFixupWith:.  See DeepCopier class comment."
  super veryDeepInner: deepCopier.
  "model := model.		Weakly copied"
  label := label veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
  "getStateSelector := getStateSelector.		a Symbol"
  "actionSelector := actionSelector.		a Symbol"
  "getLabelSelector := getLabelSelector.		a Symbol"
  "getMenuSelector := getMenuSelector.		a Symbol"
  shortcutCharacter := shortcutCharacter veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
  askBeforeChanging := askBeforeChanging veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
  triggerOnMouseDown := triggerOnMouseDown veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
  offColor := offColor veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
  onColor := onColor veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
  feedbackColor := feedbackColor veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
  hoverColor := hoverColor veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
  borderColor := borderColor veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
  textColor := textColor veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
  labelOffset := labelOffset veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
- allButtons := nil.		"a cache"
  arguments := arguments veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
  argumentsProvider := argumentsProvider veryDeepCopyWith: deepCopier.
  "argumentsSelector := argumentsSelector.   a Symbol" 
  style := style.  "a Symbol"!

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