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Wed Jun 22 12:35:11 UTC 2022

Marcel Taeumel uploaded a new version of PreferenceBrowser to project The Trunk:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: PreferenceBrowser-mt.153
Author: mt
Time: 22 June 2022, 2:35:09.948723 pm
UUID: 1d76cad0-b98a-074f-95ec-be9307ccac36
Ancestors: PreferenceBrowser-ct.152

Fix/clarify label for Shout in wizard. Add workspace-specific styling option as well.

=============== Diff against PreferenceBrowser-ct.152 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PreferenceWizardMorph>>initializePage01Themes (in category 'initialization - pages') -----
  	| currentPage pane |
  	currentPage := pages add: self createPage.
  	pane := self createScrollPane.
  	currentPage addMorphBack: (self createLabel: 'Choose a theme' translated color: Color white).
  	currentPage addMorphBack: pane.
  	((UserInterfaceTheme allThemes
  		select: [:uit | uit isGenuine])
  		sorted: [:a :b | a name <= b name])
  			do: [:ea |
  			pane scroller firstSubmorph addMorphBack: (self
  				createRadioButton: ea name
  				for: #Theme
  				argument: ea)].
  	pane scroller firstSubmorph addAllMorphsBack: {
  		self createVerticalSpace.
  		self createCheckbox: 'Colorful windows' translated for: #UseColorfulWindows help: #(color window).
- 		self createCheckbox: 'Colorful source code' translated for: #UseColorfulSourceCode help: 'Whether to use Shout (Syntax Highlighting As You Type) in code browsers.' translated.
  		self createCheckbox: 'Flat widget look' translated for: #Gradients help: 'Whether to use gradients or not.' translated.
+ 		self createCheckbox: 'Syntax highlighting' translated for: #UseColorfulSourceCode help: 'Whether to use Shout (Syntax Highlighting As You Type) in all code browsers.' translated.
+ 		self createCheckbox: 'Syntax highlighting in workspaces' translated for: #UseColorfulSourceCodeInWorkspaces help: 'Whether to use Shout (Syntax Highlighting As You Type) in all workspaces. This can also be enabled and disabled per workspace via window menu.' translated.

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: PreferenceWizardMorph>>stateUseColorfulSourceCodeInWorkspaces (in category 'actions - buttons') -----
+ stateUseColorfulSourceCodeInWorkspaces
+ 	^ Workspace shouldStyle!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: PreferenceWizardMorph>>toggleUseColorfulSourceCode (in category 'actions - buttons') -----
  	SHTextStylerST80 syntaxHighlightingAsYouType: SHTextStylerST80 syntaxHighlightingAsYouType not.
+ 	self changed: #stateUseColorfulSourceCode.
+ 	Workspace shouldStyle: (Workspace shouldStyle and: [SHTextStylerST80 syntaxHighlightingAsYouType]).
+ 	self changed: #stateUseColorfulSourceCodeInWorkspaces.!
- 	self changed: #stateUseColorfulSourceCode.!

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: PreferenceWizardMorph>>toggleUseColorfulSourceCodeInWorkspaces (in category 'actions - buttons') -----
+ toggleUseColorfulSourceCodeInWorkspaces
+ 	Workspace shouldStyle: Workspace shouldStyle not.
+ 	self changed: #stateUseColorfulSourceCodeInWorkspaces.
+ 	SHTextStylerST80 syntaxHighlightingAsYouType: (SHTextStylerST80 syntaxHighlightingAsYouType or: [Workspace shouldStyle]).
+ 	self changed: #stateUseColorfulSourceCode.!

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