[squeak-dev] I wish to stand as the Anti-Candidate for the Squeak Oversight Board

Peter Crowther peter at ozzard.org
Wed Mar 16 12:19:12 UTC 2022

Hello!  In the same way that examples of anti-patterns can help drive
better code and examples of anti-processes can help drive change, I'm
standing as an anti-candidate for the Squeak Oversight Board in order to
drive better candidates than me out of the woodwork and get them elected.

I'm standing on the following platform:

   - I've been a Smalltalk user since 1987, and it was my primary language
   - I've been following Squeak since the late 1990s, but have never
   contributed anything useful to it;
   - I'd love to use Smalltalk more, but have no time and no applications
   that use it;
   - I'd attend the Board meetings, but probably wouldn't be able to
   contribute anything useful.

I'm not in the business of sabotaging or spoiling anything, but I'm dead

Dear other candidates: please make yourselves known and make sure I'm
outvoted so I don't get onto the Board!


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