[squeak-dev] [proposal] migrating preferences to new images: UndefinedClass

Lauren P drurowin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 15:41:48 UTC 2022

Hi List,

When loading my.prefs into a new base image, if the class being configured
doesn't exist loading stops quite unglamorously.

How about using a dummy superclass UndefinedClass that serves as the
superclass of a class that hasn't been loaded? When the class isn't found,
create it as a subclass of that. If the class is later loaded, class
reshaping will change it into the appropriate class.

For the purpose of storing the preference value in the meantime, we could
use method rewriting like editing help topics, or putting it directly in
Preference as a dictionary entry.

By using a dummy superclass, you can browse for preferences set on
unistalled software, as well as exclude them from release building.

How does this sound?
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