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Tue Mar 29 16:57:30 UTC 2022

Hi Marcel, Christoph,

On Tue, Mar 29, 2022, 01:58 Marcel Taeumel <marcel.taeumel at hpi.de> wrote:

> Hi Christoph --
> Thanks. Treat this as a piece of pre-formatted document. It is actually
> like source code where authors sometimes want to pre-format the linebreaks
> of a longer comment to not have to fiddle around with window resizing.
> I know that some of us tend to remove manual line breaks in such longer
> comments but we might want to stop doing that if it is easy the retain the
> original format.
> For longer comments without extra line breaks, the following preference
> can help programmers that have troubles reading other author's source code:
> PluggableTextMorph softLineWrap: false.
> PluggableTextMorph visualWrapBorder: true.
> PluggableTextMorph softLineWrapAtVisualWrapBorder: true.
> PluggableTextMorph visualWrapBorderLimit: 80.
> That said, it would be nice to have a feature in SmalltalkEditor or
> TextEditor that converts the soft line breaks of the current text selection
> into hard line breaks and vice versa.
> Then we can more easily preserve both styles of formatting longer
> commentary. :-)
How about email's format=flowed? It uses a trailing space to indicate the
next line can be merged and wrapped according to the viewer's preferences.
We could visually mark that special end-of-line space in source mode so
it's obvious, but then process it in pretty print and documentation.

This line
would be
with the rest.
But this would be
forced to a new one.
Select the text to see the trailing blanks.

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