[squeak-dev] Feature request: add the configuration wizard to the "appearance..." menu?

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Tue May 3 13:02:24 UTC 2022

Done. See Morphic-mt.1980

Maybe we can just generate the "appearance..." menu from a certain category of preferences. Would make migration easier. Lauren, a good starting point could be to figure out which items are not yet represented as pragma preference and then add those.

> We should poll people [...]

Nah, too risky to not reach people in time. Better keep the "features" but reduce their implementation complexity/redundancy. Then we can better maintain changes.

Users typically need more than a single "entry point" for a certain feature. But you also do not need a thing in every freaking pop-up menu. Good UX for tool integration is still hard. Especially if you want to find a sweet spot and not overwhelm the user with configurability.

Am 29.04.2022 19:01:32 schrieb Lauren P <drurowin at gmail.com>:
Hi TimR,

On Fri, Apr 29, 2022, 10:41 tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org [mailto:tim at rowledge.org]> wrote:
I'd prefer (TBH it's too late for sq6 barring programming heroism) that all those preferences in the menu got cleanly incorporated into the preferences browser. And that the prefs browser got cleaned up to make it easier to see where preferences might be, and better at mergin old prefs- files, etc, etc.

I can work on making this happen. I probably can't get it in for the 6.0 release, but something, sometime, is better than nothing.

Most of the boolean options in the wizard are there already, and are typically named what you expect for searching.

We should poll people on what they like and don't like about browsing preferences in Squeak and go from there.
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