[squeak-dev] [Cuis-dev] Bug in Class>>#removeClassVarName:

Luciano Notarfrancesco luchiano at gmail.com
Tue May 3 13:42:38 UTC 2022

Thanks for taking a look. I cannot reproduce it now, but this is what
happened to me: I had a class with two class variables like

Object subclass: #X
    instanceVariableNames: ‘’
    classVariableNames: 'A B'
    poolDictionaries: ''
    category: 'Test'

Then I created class Y with two class variables with the same names A and
B. Then I tried to move X to be a subclass of Y removing A and B from the
definition of X like:

Y subclass: #X
    instanceVariableNames: ‘’
    classVariableNames: ''
    poolDictionaries: ''
    category: 'Test'

And at this point I would get the dialog asking if I wanted to move them to
Undeclared, but no matter what I responded the class variables where not
removed from X. So I had to inspect and remove them manually and then
recompile all the methods in X.

I wish I could reproduce it, I should have saved a copy of the image.


On Tue, 3 May 2022 at 7:45 PM Hernan Wilkinson <hernan.wilkinson at 10pines.com>

> Hi Luciano, (cc'ing Squeak)
>  it makes sense what you say but I looked at Squeak and Pharo and the
> behavior is the same...
>  I do not know why it does that... there must be a reason.
>  Does anybody know why it is implemented that way? (look at Luciano's
> email below)
> Cheers!
> Hernan.
> On Sat, Apr 30, 2022 at 3:55 AM Luciano Notarfrancesco via Cuis-dev <
> cuis-dev at lists.cuis.st> wrote:
>> Class>>#removeClassVarName: asks a user for confirmation if the variable
>> is still used in some method, and depending on the user answer it moves it
>> to Undeclared or leaves it alone. However, it stops there and returns,
>> without removing it from the classPool. Shouldn’t it go ahead and continue
>> independently of the user response? --
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