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Thiede, Christoph Christoph.Thiede at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Thu May 5 18:51:49 UTC 2022

Hi Marcel,

thanks, merged via Morphic-ct.1988.

> Please ignore the few cases where clients invoke "displayWorldSafely; runStepMethods" manually.

Hm, but it would be nice to fix them ... How could a nice solution for this look like?

For the new color picker morph that I'm "currently" (stuck a few months ago ...) reworking, I used event filters. But we still seem to lack a general, proper and simple concept for "modal queries in the interactive world".

It would be nice if these senders (ColorPickerMorph and PolygonMorph) could just use #doOneCycleNow, but this would also handle events, which is not okay. Qt has QEventLoop::ExcludeUserInputEvents [1] for this - should our #doOneCycleNow offer a similar parameter? Then we could also resize the host window etc. while picking a color. What do you think (except from the fact that we should fix this after 6.0)? :D



[1] https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qeventloop.html#:~:text=QEventLoop%3A%3A-,excludeuserinputevents,-0x01

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Hi Christoph --

+1 on the fix itself
-1 on the implementation

This fits better in WorldState >> #doOneCycleNowFor:. Please ignore the few cases where clients invoke "displayWorldSafely; runStepMethods" manually.


Am 01.04.2022 15:59:03 schrieb commits at source.squeak.org <commits at source.squeak.org>:

A new version of Morphic was added to project The Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Morphic-ct.1957
Author: ct
Time: 1 April 2022, 3:58:43.713617 pm
UUID: 73b0c9b3-ca79-9945-b668-d92a3548ae44
Ancestors: Morphic-ul.1956

While running step methods, have the world become active. Before, any step methods/deferred UI message would have triggered the #default case in ActiveEventVariable only.

=============== Diff against Morphic-ul.1956 ===============

Item was changed:
----- Method: PasteUpMorph>>runStepMethods (in category 'stepping') -----

+ self becomeActiveDuring: [
+ worldState runStepMethodsIn: self].!
- worldState runStepMethodsIn: self
- !

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