[squeak-dev] Note sharing inside Squeak?

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Thanks for your reply. It was my initial idea to possibly use comments but there’s few issues with that approach IMO:
1) creating a version for each comment change may be counterproductive (too many versions, the method authorship - it’s better to have fewer versions with easily identifiable authors)
2) only core developers could update trunk comments; I wouldn’t want to place that burden on anybody

But yeah, maybe I could try to put some more stuff and examples as a comment after the code. But a more informal but easily reachable place would still be nice.



Jaromír Matas

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Who said comments should be terse and polished?

It would be more helpful to people like myself (still a nube after 30+ years) to see a long, complex entry into a method's comment than no comment at all! Putting comments in some other place is counter productive in my mind.

Why not put a usage example into comments or the body of the text itself?

- jrm

On Sun, May 29, 2022 at 12:56 PM Jaromir Matas <mail at jaromir.net<mailto:mail at jaromir.net>> wrote:
Hi all,
In your experience, what would be a good place to *share* more detailed information about e.g. a method: like why I had to include this line and that check, which situations must be taken into account, alternative approaches, examples, references to tests etc etc. Ideally reachable from the image. Would such "notesharing" be welcome or rather confusing or even conterproductive? Often I forget why I did this and that and have to check my notes (if I'm lucky to have made them AND find them). I'm aware method comments are definitely not the place; they are meant to be rather terse and polished. Squeak wiki? Squeak Help? They’d have to be linked somehow to the methods, I imagine, to be useful in this regard…
Any suggestion welcome :)


Jaromír Matas

mail at jaromir.net<mailto:mail at jaromir.net>

John-Reed Maffeo

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