[squeak-dev] Latest VM appears to mess with initial window size

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Tue May 31 15:26:35 UTC 2022

Okay. Let my try to understand what is happening here.

Platform: LinuxARMv8

1. Resize window to ??? then save-and-quit.
2. Open on a 1920 by 1080 screen but window is smaller than ???.
3. Open on a 1920 by 1440 screen and window is exactly ???.

So, what is ??? in this scenario? :-)

And what are the results of...

Display platformScaleFactor.
Display uiScaleFactor.

Am 30.05.2022 19:02:24 schrieb tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org>:
Sorry if I wasn't clear - it's the *host* window size that is messed up for me.

> On 2022-05-30, at 2:40 AM, Marcel Taeumel wrote:
> Hi Tim --
> Are you referring to the host-window size or the system-window size? I think you mean the latter. Whether or not the scale factor is involved, you can check by looking at what is selected in "Extras > Scale Factor" menu.
> I am not sure that I really understand what you mean. However, there are two hard-coded numbers in RealEstateAgent class >> #strictlyStaggeredInitialFrameFor:... which we did not adjust to the scale factor.
> ...
> "Number to be staggered at each corner (less on small screens)"
> maxLevel := allowedArea area > 300000 ifTrue: [3] ifFalse: [2].
> "Amount by which to stagger (less on small screens)"
> grid := allowedArea area > 500000 ifTrue: [40] ifFalse: [20].
> ...
> Would you apply a "* self scaleFactor" to those areas and see if the problem gets fixed? :-) Maybe also the grid.
> ---
> This is most likely not a VM issue but related to a feature in newer VMs. It might be that a newer VM will actually deliver that platformScaleFactor which will then set the image-side uiScaleFactor which will then modify the "RealEstateAgent scaleFactor" which will then result in bigger default-window areas and thus hit those magic boundaries. Not sure.
> Best,
> Marcel
>> Am 29.05.2022 20:54:38 schrieb tim Rowledge :
>> I'm just trying the latest release VM (ARMv8 on a Pi in this case) and it seems to be doing Odd Things with the window size.
>> The same image on two different Pis opens with different window sizes. One Pi has a 1920 at 180 screen and the initial window is notably smaller than what it was when I saved the image, the other has a 1920 at 1440 screen and the initial window size is what I set. That size is not larger than the 1920 at 1080 screen, by the way. To the best of my recollection this is new (mis)behaviour.
>> We've always done some startup checks in the VM to fit the window within the available display limits but I don't remember previously over-riding the requested size this aggressively. Has anyone changed this code recently? Or is this a side effect of recent scale factor stuff? I can't spot any suspicious code in the image right now.
>> tim
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