[squeak-dev] problem with accent characters in fileIn (squeak 5.3)

BERTRAND AJ aj.bertrand at free.fr
Sun Nov 6 12:08:00 UTC 2022

l’m new on this list, so sorry if i am not in the correct use.

I have problems with accent characters in fileOut and subsequent fileIn 
(éèà) because i'm French

It seems that Squeak saves fileOut files always in UTF8 now, but uses a 
converter not UTF8 for the fileIn.

With the following modification it works for me, but i did not try all 
cases so...

The modif is :

MultiByteFileStream >> setConverterForCode
     | currentPosition |
     (SourceFiles at: 2)
         ifNotNil: [self fullName = (SourceFiles at: 2) fullName ifTrue: 
[^ self]].
     "currentPosition := self position.
     self position: 0.
     self binary.
     ((self next: 3) = #[ 16rEF 16rBB 16rBF ]) ifTrue: ["
         self converter: UTF8TextConverter new
     "] ifFalse: [
         self converter: MacRomanTextConverter new.
     self position: currentPosition."
     self text.

with this modification, Squeak will always use UTF8TextConverter

André Jacques BERTRAND,

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