[squeak-dev] wrt debugger flexibility

Lauren Pullen drurowin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 02:50:31 UTC 2022


On 11/28/22 18:05, Jakob Reschke wrote:
> However, they are not Smalltalk "standard" (not even de facto), therefore
> not portable, and you must expect that they do not get widely adopted even
> in the Squeak community (how many of us use Traits?!). I could see them
> being used as a Squeak-internal feature though, like for the debugger
> buttons... And I would like to use them for some error recovery cases in
> the Git Browser if they were already there.
I wouldn't even care if it was unique to Squeak.  I'm not really sure
how much they get used in Common Lisp... I stayed away from them for a
long time because I just never needed them, and, honestly, the example
in the hyperspec lacks illustration.  The normal HANDLER- macros were
enough.  Christoph's comment and my initial reaction to them are
basically the same.

> About increasing the complexity of the system, I am torn. In Cuis, restarts
> would probably have no place for that reason, unless the
> learning/understanding impact is really small. Maybe it would be good to
> see first how much more complicated things get with a restarts mechanism in
> place. But that may be well after you or anyone else has already invested
> most of the work.
Right?  Hard to tell what the complexity will look like until after it's
finished.  And the ice cream sundae example... well...  Sure, you'll
learn, but you won't get.

> So, I would be delighted to see this happen. But I also do not want to
> incite any illusions. ;-)
I mean, I'm half done.  What's another half?  ;3

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