[squeak-dev] Error during installation of Git Browser from the Tools menu

rabbit rabbit at callistohouse.org
Sun Oct 2 17:14:36 UTC 2022

Hey all'y'all,

I am getting an installation error when trying to install the Git 
Browser. I think it is during the Metacello-MC install. I'm stuck.

The UndefinedObject>>#error: 'only integers should be used as indices' 
is occurring in the 

The classEntry is

    a DirectoryEntryDirectory String.extension

        in the directory:

inside of #addExtensionClassAndMethodDefinitionsFromEntry: classEntry., 
the classPropertiesDict is nil. This is due to the classDirectory 
entries returning another directory '*instance*'. There is no 
'properties.ston' or 'properties.json' file inside of #isPropertyFile: 
with the directory 'instance' as the entry tested. In fact there is no 
properties files inside of 'instance' directory.

    classDirectory := self fileUtils directoryFromEntry: classEntry.
       ((entries := classDirectory entries) ...
         detect: [ :entry | self isPropertyFile: entry ]
         ifNone: [  ])

Help! Muchas gracias!

Have a good one; keep it, light.
. .. … ‘…^,^

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