[squeak-dev] Request to manually move the following SqueakSource versions

Chris Muller ma.chris.m at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 20:48:28 UTC 2022

Hi Christoph,

> unfortunately, I have already uploaded Regex-Core-ct.78 which merges Regex-Core-ct.74,
> i.e., references it as an ancestor. I only noticed afterward that this
> version has an incorrect encoding. So we seem to have two options:
>    1. Move Regex-Core-ct.74 to the Trunk indeed and hope that it won't
>    make any further problems in the future. (You can still view it from the
>    image, just not from source.squeak.org.)
>    2. Remove Regex-Core-ct.78 from the trunk (move it to treated) and
>    create a new merge commit that excludes Regex-Core-ct.74. But I don't know
>    how this will influence the update stream and the images of people who have
>    already installed the latest updates.
Option 2.  Make a new .74 as .79 with the correct encoding.  Then make a
.80 that merges it all together.  We will get rid of .74 and .78.  If
you're worried about development images of an early alpha, then add a
postScript to the .80 that fixes their MCWorkingCopy's ancestry (by
removing .74 and .78).

And, Christoph, _please_ understand the cost/benefit balance when
cultivating our Monticello model.  Remember what is stored where, and how,
and accordingly *keep the commit notes as close to one sentence as possible*!
Look at Marcel's commit notes as a guide.  Please write your implementation
notes and examples *in the code*, and NOT in the commit notes.  .74 is a
tome of text that would've forever lived in everyone's images, never to be
read again after next week.  And, please do NOT copy-and-paste the
descriptions of the merged versions into the new .80!

> I'm sorry for the trouble. I don't know what is the best option ... What
> do you think?

Thank you so much for all the great work you do, and please forgive me for
nit picking about lengthy commit notes.  I really do think it's important,
or I wouldn't.

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