[squeak-dev] PriorityVat subs ELinda, the vat-local ELinda for all, with ESubspaceArrays for each priority

rabbit rabbit at callistohouse.org
Sun Oct 9 04:16:56 UTC 2022

ESqueak.alpha now includes ReedSolomon Error Correcting codes.

The Vatz priorityz are

Stored in a tuple <priority ! eventName ! recieverID ! senderID ! EncryptedArchivedEvent>. 

#sub: easily checks tuple first oneOf: {$R | $Y | $P | $Z}.

PriorityVat subs ELinda, the vat-local ELinda for all, holding ESubspaceArrays for each priority.

What else? #ewhen:send:… & etriggerEvent:  using the LindaZVat for centrally stored EEvents and ERegistrations?

Create sub spaces on the fly each new ASN1Modules are defined? Therefore the keys to sub spaces are themselves tuples, so tupleMatching in ELindas #sub: 

Herself an ETupleSpace, now a Sub of ESubspace. ETuple detect: uses LindaMatching…so <applicationID ! Priority emergency. ! Event>.

Please understand where I’m coming from. I’m holed up in my recliner as the newly applied bioengineered skin activated over my heel ulcer in hopes it advances my healing. I’m to be raising my leg. I am not to disturb it so I’m on my iPhone and sending an email is the best way to store a journey entry I can access later. So I share my thoughts, also for the sake of transparency. CheerZ!!

Have a good one; keep it, light.
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