[squeak-dev] Request to manually move the following SqueakSource versions

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Mon Oct 10 16:24:57 UTC 2022

Hi Chris,

On Sun, Oct 09, 2022 at 05:59:27PM -0500, Chris Muller wrote:
> That appeared to work, Dave, thanks!  I've gone ahead and committed that
> fix to source.squeak.org/ss, and uploaded a patch.st file to the server.

SqueakSource-cmm.1145 is a duplicate of SqueakSource-dtl.1145, which I had
committed the day before. I also notice that the ancestry looks broken at
1130 and 1131, so I think there is a SqueakSource-cmm.1130 that needs to
be copied up to the ss repository.


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