[squeak-dev] esseDay5 nextDay then: [:newDay | esseDay6 := newDay].

rabbit rabbit at callistohouse.org
Sun Oct 16 15:28:34 UTC 2022

Note: if the Day is a local, near object, then new day will be the resolution, if not already so. A different #ewhen: #then: sendERefTo: block would be provided. So for tomorrow, esseDay6 is not an instance of ENearRef, it’s the concrete object itself.

For today we’ll see Alice’s #greet: message she sends to Bob, when she gets the #meet: message from Carol. 

As the same from when Carol sends to Alice, as the message gets encoded through the Scope (holding the four tables) exactly the samesame. The message is sent to the FarRef registered in the Answers table. We see two variations, implicitly, for how these FarRefs (1 are in the Answers table…

A) the initial references to Alice & Bob, held by Carol are the Answers to Carols’ two #lookup: calls to her Introducer. They are only resolved if successfully connected. 
B) the reference to Bob, held be Alice was the result of a #provideFor: nonce / #acceptFrom: nonce exchange through Bob. These are wire Nonces, a link between remote objects within the pipe, the connected/encrypted session. Wires through Pipes.

Anyhow, the Promise in Alice, which is the promise with the resolver attached to the message #greet: over the Bob’s Session. Is regretted in the adjacent Imports table. Both Answers (Orange) and Imports (Burgundy) hold the promise / FarRef side of remoting. 

Looking over at what happened in Alice as she exported & got a question, are entries in her Questions (Yellow) and Exports (Pink). Note that these are both

There are two sets of mono-directional referencing. Questions (Yellow) are objects out to Answers (Orange) [Y -> O] and Exports (Pink) are out to Imports (Burgundy) [P -> B]. 

That’s down-range: [YO , PB]! These two mono-directional  reference sets are attached cross-range, by direction: Outz are Questions and Exports [YP] and Inz are Answers and Imports [OB].

That’s 2 in one direction, let’s add two more flipped so the one with out refs can also have I Z refs. 

AndsoWe can see each side of the Session has a Scope with 4 tables, from a couple of , flipped pairs of refs: Outz and Inz. So our Scope contains [YP , OB], [Outz , Inz].

The third little wire is going out Carol’s Questions and in the Answers in Alice. This is the RemoteResolver to Carol’s promise which is the result of sending a message, out to Alice.

Now we see the #greet: message #realized: in Bob. In his Scope, we’ve got the entry in Bob’s Yellow Questions, answered to Alice, out. Then there’s the entry in Bob’s Pink Exports table the promise tail out to Carol’s currency through Alice. Will become resolved. Finally we see the entry in Bobs Orange Answers table the in side of the promise’s resolver. Tak.

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