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Sun Oct 16 17:44:33 UTC 2022

———- Focus ———-

To maintain a good focus, once remote promises are #green, I’ll want to stay with networking and make my trinity of replicated Services each Service instance with a trinity replicated session to three bridge sessions. This is my grande trinity-of-trinities plan for fault-tolerant communications. Wires are plentiful!

Have a user manager where v3.8 will lookup a Hello msg’z userID with a default no-op TSUserBroker. Later install the ENamingService.

In Hello, Alice supplies suggested bridges, to limit open FDs.

In Response msg the contacted, Bob, supplies 3 selected bridge services.

Contactee, Alice, who initiated with Hello, receives Response. Alice generates and provides a bridgeNonce for each bridge, registers it’s #acceptFrom: nonce with each bridge, and sends the nonces back in the Signature final message, same order.

Bob received Signature. If sig checks out, Bob send #provideFor:nonce to each apropos bridge, to rendezvous a triple replicated session.  Both Alice and Bob controls the number of bridge socket FD used.

ParrotTalk has replicated Sessions (tripleSession).
RemotePromises have replicated Services (tripleService).

A tripleSession has 3 FDs open. A tripleService May reuse Bridge connections, thus though connected to service instances on 3 different machines, reusing existing bridges may mean still only 3 FDs open.

With Sessions, Bob chooses bridges, Alice chooses nonces. Likewise, with replicated Services, Service.1 offers pair of additional replica Services, each supplying bridges. Establish tripleService, fully online... 

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