[squeak-dev] HelpBrowser as note taker

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Sat Feb 11 22:33:59 UTC 2023

> On 2023-02-11, at 3:07 AM, karl ramberg <karlramberg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Your change is a big improvement. 
> Help and documentation can now be fully done in the HelpBrowser.

Glad you like it - it's CT's original code mostly. The bit that still concerns me a little is the deletion when removing a page or book. If the book is all that there is in a CustomHelp class then clearly there is no issue - delete the book means delete the class, no more questions, boom. But so far as I can tell it is entirely possible to have help-doc methods in a class that also has help stuff. And then you almost certainly don't want to delete the class, just the relevant methods of help-doc.

> I'm going to start saving my spurious Workspace snippets in a CustomHelp class so I can keep them backed up and accessible from all my images on various computers.
> I vote for this to be included in Trunk
> Next cool feature would be publishing to the Swiki or other service,  to make help topics web accessible.
> It could almost work like a primitive blog tool. Haha

Yup. Being able to load a single/several wiki page(s) to edit would be nice, but that would really need us to bring in the editing markup of the wiki. Which we probably should anyway.

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