[squeak-dev] Please Try | New TreeBrowser

Marcel Taeumel marcel.taeumel at hpi.de
Thu Feb 23 14:34:30 UTC 2023

Hi all --

Here is a slightly alternative version of Squeak's default browser. It uses tree widgets for the first three panes, that is, system/class categories, classes, message categories.

Menus, filters, drag/drop, updates etc. should all work as in the traditional "Browser" browser.

SystemBrowser default: TreeBrowser.

SystemBrowser default: Browser.

Please report issues. I plan to merge this soon.

Note that there are 3 preferences:
TreeBrowser showAllClassesInPackage

TreeBrowser showBlankClassIcons

TreeBrowser showEmptyPackages

Yes, there is a slim integration with PackageInfo and Monticello packages.

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