[squeak-dev] A question on non-openInWorld-able morphs

Eduardo Ochs eduardoochs at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 07:20:54 UTC 2023

Hi list,

I need to ask for more pointers... =(

Now I know how to debug what happens when I send certain keys to
certains morphs. My code is here - not on the wiki yet, sorry -


and I am using that to learn how lots of things work. But the morphs
seem to fall in several different families, each one with a different
way of initializing... for morphs like these ones I can just use

  sm := SimpleSwitchMorph new.
  sm openInWorld.
  bm := SimpleButtonMorph new.
  bm openInWorld.
  bm position: bm position + (0 at 32).
  rm := RectangleMorph new.
  rm openInWorld.
  rm position: rm position + (0 at 64).

but for SelectorBrowser I need to use "prototypicalToolWindow" instead
of new, and there are other ones, like SearchBar, that I don't know
how to create a new morph of that kind...

Where can I learn more about that? And where do people usually learn
how to create interfaces in which a single window displays several
subwindows and subwidgets? In Tcl/Tk this is considered basic... here
is an example of this "this": the code below

  frame   .top
  frame   .bottom
  text    .textbox -width 10 -height 5
  listbox .listbox -width 10 -height 5
  button  .button1 -text B1
  button  .button2 -text B2
  button  .button3 -text B3
  .textbox insert end "Foo\nBar"
  .listbox insert end "Item 1"
  .listbox insert end "Item 2"
  .listbox insert end "Item 3"
  pack .top     -side top
  pack .bottom  -side bottom            -fill x -expand 1
  pack .listbox -side left  -in .top
  pack .textbox -side right -in .top
  pack .button1 -side left  -in .bottom -fill x -expand 1
  pack .button2 -side left  -in .bottom -fill x -expand 1
  pack .button3 -side left  -in .bottom -fill x -expand 1

creates the window in this screenshot:


Thanks in advance! =)
  Eduardo Ochs
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