[squeak-dev] PNGReadWriter buglet

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Mon Feb 27 06:15:13 UTC 2023

> On 2023-02-26, at 3:21 PM, Vanessa Freudenberg <vanessa at codefrau.net> wrote:
> Can confirm that it's not a VM bug – in SqueakJS it works fine in 4.5, in 4.6 I see the same problem as in 6.0.

And in this evenings episode of the Hardy Drew series...

I thought I'd try saving the png fro ma non-squeak png reader (Preview in this case) to see what happens. Probably to no one's surprise the new version loads perfectly in Squeak. A *possibly* relevant factoid I noticed a moment ago during comparison debugging is that the problematic version is tagged as having 24 bits per pixel vs 32 for the good one.

Dang, no, the standard explains that. Color type 2 is indeed 24bpp, type 6 is 32bpp. Then again, it makes the difference between using #copyPixelsRGB: and #copyPixelsRGBA:

Right; it appears that #copyPixelsRGB: was modified in a way that causes this problem. The ' nice 5/10/2014 15:07' version made some fairly large changes to the prior 'nk 7/27/2004 17:18' implementation. A version with a couple of 'pixel normalize' replacing 'pixel' appears to work for all the examples I have to hand. The question remaining of course is what the change Nicolas made got wrong, because if we're honest, he rarely makes mistakes.

My hack working version - 

copyPixelsRGB: y at: startX by: incX
	"Handle interlaced RGB color mode (colorType = 2)"

	| i pixel tempForm tempBits xx loopsToDo |

	tempForm := Form extent: width at 1 depth: 32.
	tempBits := tempForm bits.
	pixel := LargePositiveInteger new: 4.
	pixel at: 4 put: 16rFF.
	loopsToDo := width - startX + incX - 1 // incX.
	bitsPerChannel = 8 ifTrue: [
		i := (startX // incX * 3) + 1.
		xx := startX+1.
		1 to: loopsToDo do: [ :j |
				at: 3 put: (thisScanline at: i);
				at: 2 put: (thisScanline at: i+1);
				at: 1 put: (thisScanline at: i+2).
			tempBits at: xx put: pixel normalize.
			i := i + 3.
			xx := xx + incX.
	] ifFalse: [
		i := (startX // incX * 6) + 1.
		xx := startX+1.
		1 to: loopsToDo do: [ :j |
				at: 3 put: (thisScanline at: i);
				at: 2 put: (thisScanline at: i+2);
				at: 1 put: (thisScanline at: i+4).
			tempBits at: xx put: pixel normalize.
			i := i + 6.
			xx := xx + incX.
	transparentPixelValue ifNotNil: [
		startX to: width-1 by: incX do: [ :x |
			(tempBits at: x+1) = transparentPixelValue ifTrue: [
				tempBits at: x+1 put: 0.
	tempForm displayOn: form at: 0 at y rule: Form paint.

Yawn - time for bed.

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