64-bit VMs

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Fri Apr 1 22:17:31 UTC 2005

Thoughts from merging to make a new mcz:-

SmartSyntaxPluginCodeGenerator>generateCPtrAsOop:on:indent: currently uses a '-
sizeof(sqInt) to backspace from a ptr to make an oop. It would be nicer to find
a way to make use of the 'proper' BaseHeaderSize value for both readability and
safety (who knows what size the header might become?) at some point.

Unsigned<ccgDecl.... uses 'unsigned int' rather than 'usqInt' - intentional or

I intend to finally remove TestInterpreterPlugin; we sunset it for 3.6 and it
should have faded out a year ago.

Various methods in 'plugin generation' protocols (WordArray, Float etc) have
been moved into *VMMaker-plugin generation to suck them into the package. A
changeset to remove them from the main image will be released.

The VMM38b4-64bit-image1-ikp.1.cs will be re-released as I had to move a couple
of things out from the -vm1- file that aren't legitimately part of the VMMaker
package. If possible we should squeeze this into 3.8 gamma. 

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