[VM][ENH] LowSpaceAndInterruptHandler-dtl

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sun Apr 3 21:15:54 UTC 2005

These change sets are updates to the VM and to the low space watcher that
fix low space interrupt handling and user interrupt handling in Morphic.

Under certain conditions the low space watcher was unable to determine the
correct process to suspend following a low space signal. These changes permit
the VM to remember the identity of the process that caused the low space
condition, and to report it to the image through a primitive.

The low space watcher changes are backward compatible for use with VMs
that do not yet have the new primitive (i.e. broken the same way as was
the case in Squeak 3.7).

- This is done with VMMaker 3-8b2, hence is not updated for 64 bit VM.
- I added a numbered primitive, which is probably a bad thing (but I'm not
  sure where best to put it, possibly MiscPrimitivePlugin?).
- There may be a simpler way to accomplish this, but at least this is a
  working implementation.
- I have not tested the interpreter simulator, still need to make sure I did
  not break it.

Cross posted to vm-dev and squeak-dev. Follow-ups should go to vm-dev
(unless someone can think of a way to handle this properly without
touching the VM).


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